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SCEC Education Programs and Resources

DESC Online earthquake education web pages:

Investigating Earthquakes through Regional Seismicity

Exploring the Use of Space Technology in Earthquake Studies

Earthquake Preparedness for Schools Symposium

Wallace Creek Interpretive Trail

ShakeZone Earthquake Exhibit at Riverside County Children's Museum (KidZone)

Summer Undergraduate Internship Program

Earth Science Education Links: Pick a level of interest

We've created the following table of links to help you find the level of information you seek. Some links may be appropriate for all ages; explore all categories if you don't find what you need.

Elementary and Middle School: Links to grade-school level earth science newsletters, educational modules and tutorials, science camps, and science fair information. Suitable for grades 8 and under.

High School: Links to earth-science on-line magazines and newsletters, science fair information, educational modules and helpful tutorials, and other resources. Suitable for grades 9-12.

Advanced High School/Undergraduate College:Links to college-level internship programs, education modules and tutorials, and other resources. Suitable for advanced high school juniors and above.

Educators: Links to science education-related government and professional organizations, web sites addressing science education standards, science education reform, and funding for science education. Suitable for educators and those who are studying to become educators.

Other Resources

Ask a Geologist-
A service provided by the U.S. Geological Survey to answer your specific earth science questions.

Beyond Discovery - When the Earth Moves
A project of the National Academy of Sciences, produced through a close collaboration between professional science writers and prominent scientists who have been directly involved with the discoveries being described.

Virtual Earthquakes, Field Trips and Museums
Links that bring you directly to interactive exhibits, virtual earth science field trips, and science museums that offer graphic representations of earth science.

Virtual Libraries, Journals, Magazines, and Interviews
A great resource for anyone doing research, term papers, or any general "searches" for earth science information.


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