Earthquake Preparedness for Schools Symposium

Compiled By Mark Benthien

On June 6, the Los Angeles County Emergency Preparedness Commission and the Southern California Earthquake Center presented Earthquake Preparedness for Schools, a half-day seminar on earthquake awareness, preparedness and mitigation for K-12 teachers and school administrators.

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The presentations have been recreated for this website and can be viewed by clicking on the links below. Video clips are available for viewing along with the text and figures presented.

This symposium was offered again on November 28, 2000 at the Santa Clarita Hyatt Regency Hotel. All the topics from the first symposium were included, along with two new presentations: the use of standardized emergency management systems for schools, and the importance of school crisis teams. These presentations may be added to this site in the near future.


Presentations from the June 6, 2000 Symposium:

Living with Earthquakes in Southern California
Dr. Lucile M. Jones, Scientist-in-Charge, US Geological Survey, Pasadena
Introduction to earthquakes and how prediction is impossible, and what can be done to reduce our risk.

Nonstructural Seismic Issues in Public Schools
Gary McGavin, specialist in seismic safety issues and former California State Seismic Safety Commissioner
An overview of pending and existing legislation on preparedness for schools and structural and nonstructural retrofitting of schools.

American Red Cross Masters of Disaster Curriculum
Peggy Brutsche, Los Angeles Chapter, The American Red Cross
The American Red Cross / Allstate all-hazards educational curriculum, which features hands-on, inquiry-based lesson plans that address local hazards while linking them to basic math, environmental studies and science.

Seismic Sleuths Curriculum and Video / ShakeZone Exhibit
Robert de Groot, SCEC
Seismic Sleuths
education curriculum revision, and accompanying video. Also a brief discussion of the development of an earthquake exhibit for the Riverside County Children's Museum.

An Overview of Available Education Resources and Curricula via the Internet
Lisa Wald, Outreach and Education Director, US Geological Survey, Pasadena
An overview of available education resources and curricula via the Internet

SCEC Web-based Earth Science Education Modules
John Marquis, SCEC
Overview of SCEC's current and future online earthquake education teaching modules.


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