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SCEC Awarded 141 Million Supercomputing Hours By DOE's INCITE Program

The Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) has been awarded 141,000,000 supercomputer processor-hours at Department of Energy (DOE) computing facilities for the "Quantification of Uncertainty in Seismic Hazard Using Physics-Based Simulations”. The effort is led by Tom Jordan (SCEC) and involves teams working with the following co-principal investigators: Scott Callaghan (USC), Yifeng Cui (SDSC), Christine Goulet (USC), Philip Maechling (USC), Kim Olsen (SDSU) and Ricardo Taborda (University of Memphis).

Research summary:

SCEC will pursue a two-year earthquake system science research program that will improve 3D earth models used in ground motion simulations, improve physics-based earthquake rupture and wave propagation models, and reduce uncertainties in broad-impact ensemble-based physics-based probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) calculations called CyberShake. Their research activities will lead to more accurate physics-based scenario ground motion simulations and improved physics-based PSHA by adding new physical elements and enhancing existing features. The proposed code development will reduce the time-to-completion of key PSHA applications, allowing in-depth analysis of the factors controlling seismic hazards. The proposed research is expected to improve broad impact seismic hazard information products including seismic hazard maps and civil engineering design codes.

More information:

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