Internships Applications


Jan - Mar: SOURCES program accepts applications

Mar - April: SOURCES Mentor/Mentee evaluation and project matching

June - August: Interns participate in SOURCES program for 6-12 weeks from their remote location

September:  Interns participate in SCEC Annual Meeting [dates TBD]

Each year, over 200 students apply for a SCEC Internship. Every application is reviewed by a committee composed of SCEC staff, scientists, and internship alumni. Even if you did not apply to a particular program, we may rate you as a good candidate for it!

SOURCES program suspended for Summer 2023. Acceptances to the SCEC SOURCES Internship Program will be sent in March. Applications will be accepted until all remaining spots are filled. If you are offered a SCEC internship, you will have up to 1 week to confirm and accept the appointment. Please make sure you have provided an email address that you check at least once per day


SURE program suspended for Summer 2023. For every SURE project, 3-10 candidates are selected as finalists. Some candidates may become finalists on more than one project. The project mentor then reviews the applications and ranks them. We make an offer to the candidate who is ranked most highly by the mentor. The next 1-3 candidates become alternates.


UseIT program is suspended for Summer 2023. For USEIT, 15-40 students are selected as finalists. Then, the finalists are ranked a second time, based on our need to bring a diverse mix of talents and knowledge onto each USEIT team. The top 15-25 students receive offers. The remainder are designated alternates.


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