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SCEC2023 Meeting Participants

The SCEC Annual Meeting brings together people from throughout the U.S. and around the world involved in earthquake-related research, education, and outreach activities. SCEC project teams present results from research and activities funded through the SCEC Collaboration Plan and other Center projects. The SCEC leadership, advisory groups, and full-time staff from SCEC headquarters, as well as the Center’s funding agencies and sponsors are represented. Potential academic, government, and industry partners connected with computational science, earthquake engineering research, risk communication and other practical applications of SCEC research also participate. Early career scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate interns typically make up more than 40% of participants at the SCEC annual meetings.

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baagaard's picture
Brad Aagaard, Research Geophysicist, USGS

Expertise: strong ground motion, source mechanics, wave propagation

Posters: 145, 189, 190, 200

MAbdelmeguid's picture
Mohamed Abdelmeguid, Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech

Posters: 034, 100, 134, 135

rea's picture
Rachel Abercrombie, Research Professor, Boston U

Expertise: Earthquake seismology

Posters: 029, 035, 132

Rachel Adam, Research Assistant, ASU

Posters: 071, 072, 076

kasey's picture
Kasey Aderhold, Project Manager, EarthScope
Mary Agajanian, Graduate Student, Caltech

Posters: 110, 135

Albert Leonardo Aguilar, Student, Stanford

Posters: 012

seanahdi's picture
Sean Ahdi, Research Geophysicist, USGS

Expertise: Engineering seismological applications to earthquake/geotechnical engineering; seismic site and basin response; seismic site characterization using...

Posters: 190

Rasheed1997's picture
Rasheed Ajala, Researcher, Columbia

Posters: 199

sakciz's picture
Sinan Akciz, Assoc. Professor, CSUF

Expertise: Structural Geology, Paleoseismology

Plenary Talk

Posters: 117, 130, 195

yhaladro's picture
Young Ho Aladro Chio, Phd Student, CICESE

Posters: 088, 089

Maryam Alghannam, Postdoc fellow, Caltech

Posters: 211

rallen's picture
Richard Allen, Professor, UC Berkeley

Posters: 021

travisalongi's picture
Travis Alongi, Graduate Student, UCSC

Posters: 131

Grasshopper Anderson-Merritt, Graduate Student, UMassAmherst

Posters: 093

Ryo Ando, Assoc. Prof., U Tokyo

Expertise: fracture mechanics

Posters: 107, 119, 135

canthonissen's picture
Chris Anthonissen, Grad Student, USC

Posters: 085

archulet's picture
Ralph Archuleta, Research Professor and Professor Emeritus, UCSB

Expertise: Strong Motion Seismology

Posters: 183

arrowsmi's picture
Ramon Arrowsmith, Professor, ASU

Expertise: Earthquake geology, Active tectonics in Central Asia & California, Quaternary geology, geomorphology, San Andreas Fault, Structural Geology

Posters: 067, 071, 072, 076, 079, 090, 188

lastiz's picture
Luciana Astiz, Program Director, NSF / EAR
atkinson's picture
Gail Atkinson, Professor Emeritus, Western

Expertise: strong ground motion, seismic hazard

atterholt's picture
Jimmy Atterholt, Graduate Student, Caltech

Expertise: Observational seismology

Posters: 051, 052

ault's picture
Alexis Ault, Associate Professor, Utah State

Expertise: earthquake geology, fault rock thermochronometry

Posters: 081, 082, 130, 144

cbaden's picture
Curtis Baden, Postdoctoral Scholar, USGS

Posters: 072, 147

lydiabailey's picture
Lydia Bailey, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard

Expertise: geochronology; thermochronology; geochemistry; fluid-rock interactions; earthquake geology; clay minerals

Posters: 082

abaltay's picture
Annemarie Baltay (she/her), Research Geophysicist, USGS ESC

Expertise: Earthquake Seismology; Earthquake Ground Motion

Posters: 017, 029, 035, 170, 186

Louisa Barama, Postdoctoral Researcher, LLNL
sbarbot's picture
Sylvain Barbot, Associate Professor, USC

Expertise: Earthquake Physics Crustal Deformation Numerical Modeling Remote Sensing

Posters: 113, 121, 124, 129, 135

abarbour's picture
Andy Barbour, Research Geophysicist, USGS

Posters: 053, 125

bayless's picture
Jeff Bayless, Engineering Seismologist, AECOM

Posters: 177

ivabazan's picture
Luis Iván Bazán Flores, PhD Student, CERI

Posters: 108

beeler's picture
n.m. beeler, Research Scientist, usgs

Expertise: rock mechanics

benzion's picture
Yehuda Ben-Zion, SCEC Director and Professor of Earth Sciences, SCEC/USC

Expertise: physics of earthquakes and faults, seismic imaging, source properties, analysis of seismic catalogs

Plenary Talk
Plenary Talk

Posters: 002, 005, 022, 039, 044, 047, 101, 171, 182, 209, 212

Rick Bennett, Geodesist, NOAA-NGS

Expertise: Tectonic and hydro geodesy

Posters: 125

Maggie Benoit, Program Director, NSF

Expertise: Seismology

benthien's picture
Mark Benthien, Director for Communication, Education and Outreach, SCEC/USC

Expertise: Public education, knowledge implementation, community leadership, earthquake preparedness and safety messaging

Plenary Talk

beroza's picture
Greg Beroza, Professor, Stanford

Expertise: Earthquake Seismology

Posters: 012, 013, 015, 031, 036

Natalia Berrios-Rivera, Graduate Student, Stanford
biasi's picture
Glenn Biasi, Supervisory Geophysicist, USGS

Expertise: tomography; paleoseismologic studies, seismic networking

Brianna Birkel, Ph.D. Student, USC
mblanpied's picture
Mike Blanpied, Associate Coordinator, USGS

Expertise: Laboratory rock mechanics; earthquake triggering; earthquake forecasting and prediction; earthquake hazards assessment. Since 2003: science program...

Plenary Talk

kblisniuk's picture
Kim Blisniuk, Associate Professor, SJSU

Expertise: application of field investigations, high resolution digital topography data and Quaternary geochronologic techniques to study how evolution of earth...

Plenary Talk

Posters: 078

marcobohnhoff's picture
Marco Bohnhoff, Professor, GFZ Potsdam

Expertise: Geophysics, Earthquake Physics, Downhole Seismology

Posters: 143

Nikita Bondarenko, Research Assistant, UIUC

Posters: 148

dboyd's picture
Dan Boyd, Engineering Geologist, CGS

Expertise: Earthquake geology, 3D geologic framework modeling

olboyd's picture
Oliver Boyd, Research Geophysicist, USGS

Expertise: Seismology, Crustal Characterization, Earthquake Ground Motions and Hazards

Posters: 181, 189, 190, 201

yousef's picture
Yousef Bozorgnia, Professor, UCLA

Expertise: Earthquake engineering, seismic ground motion hazard, and engineering seismology.

Posters: 007, 180

branum's picture
Dave Branum, Senior Engineering Geologist, CGS/CSMIP
littleg3's picture
Lupita Bravo, Student, UC Riverside
brodsky's picture
Emily Brodsky, Professor of Geophysics, UCSanta Cruz

Expertise: Earthquake Physics

Posters: 114, 116, 128, 131, 132

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