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Simulations show how bridges are damaged during earthquakes
Tokyo Metropolitan University researchers conducted a detailed simulation of how a popular type of bridge falls during l...
The Print
Miles below the seafloor, scientists gather data on subduction stress
Scientists drilled deep below the seafloor to see how stress builds within the Nankai megathrust, a major subduction zon...
Engineers will severely stress 10-story tower on UCSD quake table to test the mettle of tall wood buildings
The shaking will be equivalent to the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake and could answer serious questions about the d...
The San Diego Union Tribune
Landslide risk remains long after an earthquake, according to satellite imagery study
Satellite observations have revealed that weak seismic ground shaking can trigger powerful landslide acceleration—even...
Earthquake lab experiments produce aftershock-like behavior
Earthquakes are notoriously hard to predict, and so too are the usually less-severe aftershocks that often follow a majo...
Science Daily
Earthquake Movies Get the Caltech Treatment at Seismo Celebration
Pathbreaking lab marks centennial with a Hollywood-inspired panel discussion and an earthquake preparedness fair ...
Caltech News
Dozens of earthquakes swarm Hawaii as the world's largest volcano erupts
The eruption is so far not threatening downhill communities or affecting flights ...
Live Science
CelsiusPro partners with Global Earthquake Model Foundation
Swiss InsurTech CelsiusPro has announced it has partnered with Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation to enhance earth...
Reinsurance News
Predicting the Earthquake That Could Wreck New York
A geologist heads to the hills to study precariously perched boulders, which could provide clues to the frequency of the...
The New Yorker
Researchers At IIT Mandi Develop New Technique to Identify Earthquake-Prone Buildings in the Himalayas
Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi have developed a method to assess the ability of buildings...