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Largest Hayward Fault earthquake since 1981 raises questions about what could happen next
Based on the location, depth (13 km or 8 mi), and mechanism (right-lateral strike-slip), this earthquake very likely occ...
Bay Area earthquake rattled 9.8 million people — and offers a preview of something much worse
It was a sharp jolt but also a warning of something much more violent that could be coming. An estimated 9.8 millio...
LA Times
L.A. apura el mejoramiento antisísmico de edificios vulnerables antes del próximo gran terremot
Cuando, hace dos años, Los Ángeles aprobó las regulaciones de mejoramientos antisísmicos más radicales de la nació...
LA Times
L.A. races to fix vulnerable buildings before next major earthquake
When Los Angeles two years ago approved the nation’s most sweeping earthquake retrofitting regulations, officials kn...
LA Times
SCSN Report: 12/06/2017, M4.0 near Julian, CA
Aftershocks: so far (06 Dec 2017, 06:15PM PST) there have been 26 aftershocks recorded, the largest M3.0 (smallest M0.6)...
Codes Developed by SDSC, SDSU, SCEC Used in Gordon Bell Prize Research
A Chinese team of researchers awarded this year’s prestigious Gordon Bell prize for simulating the devastating 1976 ea...
The real science behind the unreal predictions of major earthquakes in 2018
There is no way to predict an individual earthquake. Earthquakes occur when potential energy stored  along cracks i...
Washington Post
Could the San Jacinto Fault Zone Rupture Sooner Than Expected?
A little-known section of the San Jacinto Fault in Southern California could erupt with a damaging earthquake a lot soon...
Anticipating Aftershocks
Southern California has the highest earthquake risk of any region in the U.S., but exactly how risky and where the great...
Webinar: Recent Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Gathering, Understanding, and Sharing Information with the USGS and NOAA Websites
The GeoHazards Messaging Collaboratory GMC will host a free earthquake and tsunami science and alerts training for membe...