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The Salton Trough Collaboratory
Map of the Salton Trough, regional faults, Lake Cahuilla shoreline (as of 1725), and histo...
The Walker Lane: A Potential Target for SCEC Studies?
Studies outside Southern California proper can further our understanding of aspects of the earthquake process that are t...
There is Plenty of Room in the Fault Zone!
The internal structure of fault zones in the upper continental crust exhibits considerable complexity. Mature faults con...
From the Directors: Rolling Forward in the Fall
SCEC NEWSLETTER In This Issue (October 2021) The Walker L...
Q&A with 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting Presenters
The 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting (held online) was a phenomenal success with more than 80...
2021 Great ShakeOut: Resources for your class, office, or home drills!
SCEC's Communication, Education, and Outreach program has coordinated Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills since 2008, in pa...
Sustainable Research Software through Open-Source Communities
A recent Eos article entitled “It’s Time to Shift Emphasis Away from Code Sharing” (Green and Thirumalai, 2019) de...
From the Director: Summertime, and the Livin' is Busy
SCEC NEWSLETTER In This Issue (June 2021) New SCEC/USGS Community Stress Drop...
SCEC Co-Director Greg Beroza Receives Humboldt Research Award
Greg Beroza, Wayne Loel Professor of Geophysics at Stanford, and Co-Director of SCEC, has ...
SCEC Broadband Platform for Ground Motion Simulation and Validation
The SCEC Broadband Platform (BBP) is a collection of open-source codes used to simulate broadband (0-20+ Hz) ground ...