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Job Opening at UNAVCO - Data Analyst

Date: 09/23/2010

Forwarded job opening from Melissa Weber, UNAVCO:

Position: Data Analyst
FLSA Status: Exempt
Reports to: Data Products Manager Created: 9/6/08, Revised 9/7/10
Candidates should apply at www.unavco.org/careers.


Summary of Job

This individual will support the PBO Data Products and PBO GPS Operations managers in areas including project reporting, response to user inquiries, analysis of GPS and other data in support of user and project needs, oversight of the software development process for metadata and network management tools, and the prototyping/development of new data products and visualization tools.

Essential Job Functions

* Compile monthly and quarterly progress reports for the Data Products and GPS Operations groups using information collected from PBO databases and provided by PBO engineers, archives and analysis centers. Automate reporting procedures and methods as completely as possible.
* Write monthly highlights of recent notable events in the Data Products and GPS Operations areas.
* Respond to internal and external inquiries about GPS/other data formats, data access and availability, station status, and data quality problems.
* Represent the Data Products and GPS Operations groups in PBO's Agile software development process, as a software product owner and/or liaison to internal stakeholders.
* Assist in the conception and prototyping of new data products and visualization tools, and the subsequent development of green-lighted products.
* Perform GPS and other geodetic data analysis as necessary to support internal operations and external data users.
* Carry out other duties that be assigned to support operation of the project.

To perform this job successfully, this individual must be able to perform each essential job function satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Skills and Knowledge


* Ability to process raw data from at least one major class of geophysical/geodetic instrumentation (GPS, strain, seismic).
* Intermediate to advanced skills in a scientific data language such as IDL, Matlab, or Mathematica.
* Working knowledge of statistical and time-series analysis.
* Working knowledge of UNIX shell-script programming and practices.
* Ability to use (or learn to use) SQL for accessing and/or modifying database information.
* Demonstrable troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
* Proficient skill in using spreadsheet and word processing programs.
* Good written and oral communication skills in English.

Required Education and Experience

* Bachelor's degree in physical sciences or engineering or related field is required.
* 3 – 5 years relevant experience.


* Master's degree in physical sciences or engineering.
* Research/Career experience working with geophysical data sets.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to type, use repetitive motion of wrists, hands and/or fingers, able to sit for sustained periods of time. Must be able to view a computer screen for up to 8 hours per day.

Mental Requirements

Must be able to understand complex problems and collaborate to explore alternative solutions. Must be able to organize and prioritize own work schedule. Must be able to make decisions which have moderate impact on immediate work unit. Must be able to communicate technical information both orally and through the written word. Must be able to computer, analyze and interpret complex statistical data.