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ANNOUNCEMENT: CVM-H Software Release

Date: 02/28/2011

SCEC researchers,

The SCEC Community Velocity Model - Harvard (CVM-H) is a velocity model of crust and upper mantle structure in southern California developed by the SCEC community for use in fault systems analysis, strong ground motion prediction, and earthquake hazards assessment.

A new version of CVM-H, called CVM-H 11.2, is now available. The CVM-H source code, supporting data files, and documentation are posted on the SCEC web site: http://www.scec.org/research/cvm

CVM-H 11.2 is a collaborative development by the Harvard Structural Geology group, SCEC’s Unified Structural Representation (USR) group, SCEC scientists, and SCEC/CME software developers. CVM-H 11.2 adds new capabilities to the previous CVM-H 6.3 software, including:

(1) An optional, arbitrary precision, Vs30-based geotechnical layer based on Wills and Clahan (2006), Wald et al. (1995), and Ely et al. (2010)
(2) Extended regional coverage through addition of a 1D Hadley-Kanamori background model
(3) An updated query interface that supports query by elevation and query by depth

We have posted evaluation information about this, and previous, CVM’s on a SCEC CVM evaluation web site. This CVM evaluation site contains horizontal and vertical profile plots of CVM 11.2, and wave propagation simulation results for the Chino Hills earthquake using CVM 11.2, and two earlier CVM versions. http://scec.usc.edu/scecpedia/CVM_Evaluation

If you have software or technical questions about CVM-H, you can send questions to software (at) scec.org. If you would like to receive notifications about changes, and new releases, of CVM-H, you can subscribe (or unsubscribe) to an email distribution list called cvm-h-all (at) intensity.usc.edu. We will use this email list to distribute announcements about CVM-H software updates and new SCEC CVM developments.

Philip Maechling
Philip Maechling
Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)
(213) 821-2491 (Office)