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New SCEC Director

Date: 09/14/2011

To Members of the SCEC Community:

The SCEC Board of Directors (BoD) is charged with recommending a new Director of SCEC who will ultimately succeed Tom Jordan. That should be on a time scale allowing the new Director to play the primary role in planning for SCEC5 (we start the 5 year SCEC4 cycle in February 2012).

A subcommittee of the BoD is being formed to make suggestions to the full Board of a short list of suitable candidates. To aid in that process, the BoD requests input from the SCEC community on suggestions/nominations of scientists who would be effective as a new Director. Such should best be relayed without concern for how feasible it seems to be to convince the nominee to consider the position.

If you would wish to bring a name or names to the attention of the subcommittee, please respond* with an e-mail giving, for each, the name and present affiliation, and a short comment (e.g., not more than about 200 words) on why they would be an excellent Director of SCEC.

Thank you, Jim Rice (interim BoD subcommittee chair)

• Address your response to <rice@eps.harvard.edu> (or to John McRaney <mcraney@usc.edu> who will forward)
• Include in your Subject line the text : "New SCEC Director" (using Reply-To will do that).
• Your comments are to be treated as confidential by the subcommittee, but if you wish your suggestion(s) to be relayed to it anonymously, i.e., with your name and e-mail address deleted, include in your Subject line the text "New SCEC Director - anonymous".