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ANNOUNCEMENT: Earthquake forecasting session at European Seismological Commission

Date: 03/15/2012

On behalf of Jeremy Zechar (ETHZ):

Dear colleagues,

The abstract submission deadline for the European Seismological Commission is 31 March. We invite you to join us in Moscow for our session titled "New frontiers in the development, evaluation, and practical application of earthquake forecast/prediction models"

The process of developing, evaluating, and applying earthquake forecast models through standardized, rigorous methods is gaining momentum. Established testing centers allow more direct hypothesis tests regarding seismogenesis and earthquake interaction. Such testing can provide insight into overall model performance, and it can also be used to develop a better understanding of basic features of models and earthquakes. While current models often emphasize particular aspects of the predictability problem, combining forecast methods to create ensemble models provides the potential to improve the overall predictive skill. In hopes of a very general discussion, we solicit submissions that address any of the following as they relate to earthquake forecasting and associated testing and application: model development, data quality and access, evaluation techniques, status of ongoing experiments, forecast/result visualization, syntheses between forecasting and seismic hazard and risk, operational earthquake forecasting, and earthquake precursors.

General info:http://www.esc2012-moscow.org/
Abstract submission:http://www.esc2012-moscow.org/abstract_submission.html

Your faithful conveners,

Jeremy Zechar & Danijel Schorlemmer & Warner Marzocchi & Arnaud Mignan