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Science Plan for potential SFSA: San Gorgonio Pass

Date: 09/17/2012

SCEC Community,

Attached to this email you will find a draft science plan for the San Gorgonio Pass, which is proposed as a SCEC Special Fault Study Area (SFSA). A full discussion of the goals for designating the San Gorgonio Pass as a SFSA can be found within the report from our June 1-2 workshop: http://www.scec.org/workshops/2012/sgp/index.html

At this time we seek feedback from the entire SCEC community on the proposed science plan. Do to the tight time frame for the SCEC RFP, please send comments and suggestions to Doug Yule <Doug.Yule@csun.edu> by Friday Sept 21st.


-Michele Cooke, David Oglesby and Doug Yule