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Workshop Invitation: Special Fault Study Areas

Date: 10/03/2012

A special invitation forwarded from James Dolan, USC:

Hi fellow SCECers (SCECies?),

Following up on the presentation at the SCEC meeting, we wanted to invite all those within the SCEC community who have interest in the Ventura region to send an e-mail to John Shaw and Tom Rockwell and me (with a copy to Kate Scharer and Mike Oskin) so we can begin to assemble a list of possible participants in the SFSA workshop planned for next Spring (exact dates tbd). This SFSA is an open collaboration and is designed to take advantage of the many complementary disciplinary foci within the SCEC community (e.g., tsunami modeling, strong ground motion simulation, seismology, geodesy, mechanical modeling, "dirt people" geology, and hazard assessment).

You can learn more about what an "SFSA" actually is at


So please let us know that you're interested, and we can start planning a workshop proposal in earnest (which is actually nowhere near Oxnard). We'll try to accommodate everyone with interest at the workshop, but we'll need to limit participation to 30 people.

We're looking forward to hearing from many of you.

Regards to all,

James Dolan, John Shaw, and Tom Rockwell

James Dolan <dolan@email.usc.edu>
John H. Shaw <shaw@eps.harvard.edu>
Tom Rockwell <trockwell@sciences.sdsu.edu>
Kate Scharer <kscharer@gmail.com>
Michael Oskin <meoskin@ucdavis.edu>