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SCEC Community Geodetic Model

Date: 11/14/2012

To the SCEC Community,
As many of you know, one of the new initiatives for SCEC4 is the development of a Community Geodetic Model (CGM).  The CGM will exploit the complementary features of GPS and InSAR observations to produce temporally and spatially dense displacement time series for southern California.  The CGM will be a resource for a variety of modeling efforts relevant to SCEC activities including seismic hazard assessment, development of the Community Stress Model, transient detection, and investigation of the processes underlying time-varying deformation.
As this effort gets underway we seek the participation of the SCEC community in planning and producing a model that addresses the envisioned applications using the most appropriate approaches for generating a combined GPS/InSAR time series product.
We encourage all who are interested to join the CGM mailing list which will be used for all future communications about this project including workshop announcements.  To join the list follow the instructions at this link:
Best Regards,
Jessica Murray
David Sandwell
Rowena Lohman