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3D Fault Models for the Ventura-Pitas Point Thrust System

Date: 11/11/2013

Dear SCEC Community,

As part of the SCEC Ventura Special Fault Study Area (SFSA), we have developed a set of detailed fault models for the Ventura-Pitas Point fault system and major thrust faults that appear linked with them along strike, including the Red Mountain and San Cayetano faults. The models consolidate fault representations from the SCEC Community fault model (CFM) (Plesch et al., 2007), the UCSB group (e.g., Kammerling, Sorlien, and Nicholson, 2003), and Hubbard et al. (BSSA, in review). We provide two sets of fault representations that differ based on the presence or absence of a mid-crustal detachment level. The fault representations in each scenario are provided in large, contiguous tsurfs with about 1km resolution and quality controlled meshes.

We encourage SCEC investigators to utilize these representations in their proposed studies in the Ventura region, including efforts in fault system modeling, finite rupture simulations, and earthquake hazards assessments. We also encourage interaction with the SCEC USR group to help refine these fault representations.
The following website:

describes and provides access to these models. Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing these models, or any questions about their composition: Andreas Plesch (andreas_plesch@harvard.edu), and John H. Shaw (shaw@eps.harvard.edu).
Best regards,
SCEC CFM developers (Andreas Plesch, Craig Nicholson, and John H. Shaw)

Professor John H. Shaw
Chair, Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Harry C. Dudley Professor of Structural & Economic Geology
(617) 495-8008