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Two post-doctoral positions at INGV (Rome) in seismic source numerical modelling and Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis (PTHA)

Date: 04/25/2014

Announcement of post-doc positions, forwarded from Giulio Di Toro, INGV:

We are seeking highly motivated researchers to fill two Post-Doctoral positions, one in seismic source modelling and one in Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis (PTHA), at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) in Rome (www.ingv.it). The initial positions are for two years, with possible extension of two extra years (for the seismic source numerical modelling position) and of one extra year (for the PTHA position).

INGV is a prestigious institute for Geophysical research and it is in charge of monitoring seismic and volcanic activity in Italy. It was ranked as the third worldwide institution for seismology – in terms of citations and publications (http://archive.sciencewatch.com/ana/st/earthquakes2/institutions/) – in the last Science Watch inquiry in 2010 . INGV's laboratories include world-class microscopic, geochemical and rock deformation facilities (http://www.roma1.ingv.it/laboratories/hp-ht-lab/high-pressure-high-tempe...).

The research will be funded by European Union FP7 project ASTARTE (Assessment STrategy And Risk reduction for Tsunamis in Europe, http://www.astarte-project.eu). Depending on the successful candidates availability and performance during the first two years, the one-year extension of the position in PTHA, might be negotiated within ASTARTE, and the extension for up to two additional years for the seismic source modeling position, might be negotiated  within ERC consolidator grant NOFEAR (New Outlook on seismic Faults: from EARthquake nucleation to arrest). A synopsis of both projects can be found in attach.

Gross per-year salary will be formed as follows: living allowance: euros 42.028,00; mobility allowance, only for non-residents in Italy: Euros 9.290,00 for a researcher without family obligations; euros 13.272,00 for a researcher with  family obligations (married, or with a relationship recognised by the Italian law or by the law of the country of provenance  of the researcher, or with dependent children).

The submission deadline for both applications is 24 May 2014.

Material to be submitted includes a CV and recommendation letters by two referees. Refer to the following website for details on the submission, and on the selection  procedure:


The selection will commence as soon as possible after the submission deadline. It will be based on a preliminary evaluation of candidate qualification and on a ‘Skype with webcam’ formal interview. The posts will be available as soon as  possible upon completion of the selection procedure.

Informal inquiries or request for clarifications concerning the application procedure for both positions may be addressed to Stefano Lorito (stefano.lorito@ingv.it).

The subject of the two research projects, and further details are described in the attachment.

Stefano Lorito, Giulio Di Toro, Alessio Piatanesi and Stefan Nielse