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Announcement: Postdoc opportunity at USGS

Date: 09/03/2014

On behalf of David Lockner (USGS):

Postdoc opportunity at USGS

We are seeking applications for a 2-year position as a postdoctoral research scientist to design and conduct experimental rock deformation tests related to earthquake physics. Experiments will be conducted at the USGS Rock Physics Laboratory located in Menlo Park, California. The Rock Physics Laboratory has a broad range of research interests related to brittle deformation and earthquake and faulting processes. These interests include the measurement of fracture and frictional sliding strength at elevated pressure and temperature, fluid-rock interactions, measurement of transport and poroelastic properties, as well as acoustic emission and wave-speed studies.

The Rock Physics Laboratory has a number of triaxial deformation machines (general capabilities can be found on our web site: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/research/rockphysics/), including a large test rig that accommodates 76 mm-diameter cylindrical samples. A high speed/low normal stress rotary machine is also available for high speed friction studies.

For this Mendenhall Research Opportunity we seek a postdoctoral fellow who can make fundamental contributions to experimental rock mechanics, addressing, in particular, questions related to earthquake processes and brittle deformation.

Application deadline: October 31, 2014
Further information is available at the USGS Mendenhall Fellowship Program website: http://geology.usgs.gov/postdoc/ under ‘Research Opportunities’
Opportunity S6: ‘Laboratory Research in Earthquake Processes and Fluid-Rock Interactions’

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact
David Lockner dlockner@usgs.gov
Nick Beeler nbeeler@usgs.gov
Diane Moore dmoore@usgs.gov
to discuss and develop research proposal plans.