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Multiple Job Announcements (UTIG and LLNL)

Date: 02/19/2020

Dear SCEC Community,

Please see below for the following announcements:

1. Machine Learning Postdoc and Staff-level positions available at LLNL
2. Computational Geoscientist at UTIG (UT Austin)


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1. Machine Learning Postdoc and Staff-level positions available at LLNL:

Please see the following links for more information regarding two positions currently available in the Seismology Group at LLNL.

Postdoctoral Researcher:


2. Computational Geoscientist at UTIG (UT Austin):

The Institute of Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, seeks to hire a Computational Geoscientist. She/he will provide technical leadership and expertise to develop, optimize, and deploy software and workflows that enable new Earth and planetary science research utilizing high performance computing, visualization, and big data approaches.


The candidate is expected to work with a number of computationally oriented researchers and their graduate students at UTIG. She/he is to lead and assist in a range of computational tasks. These could include
· adaptation of existing codes as well as new algorithm and software development for multi-scale, multi-physics problems,
· implementation and deployment of software, optimization of software for high-performance, massively parallel computing platforms,
· optimization of workflows including high throughp ut data processing, development of platforms to analyze large model outputs, construction of adjoint models, as well as other computational and data science tasks.
The successful candidate will have the scientific and interpersonal skills to interface with diverse and heterogeneous teams of scientists as well as to work independently. She/he has to be self-motivated and is encouraged to bring in their personal scientific interests and expertise into collaborative projects.

Required Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Earth or computational sciences, applied math, engineering, physics, or a related field; experience working in a computational research position; proficiency in at least one common programming language, such as Python, C/C++, or F90; ability to work independently under established deadlines and as part of a team; strong interpersonal communications skills; ability to travel to partner and collaborator institutions, relevant conferences, etc. Relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate.

Preferred Qualifications

PhD in Earth or computational sciences, applied math, engineering, physics, or a related field; Peer-reviewed publications; demonstrated research experience in the Earth and planetary sciences (e.g., climate dynamics, geodynamics, seismology and exploration geophysics, or dynamo studies); and proficiency in more than one programming language.

Salary Range
$50,000 and above, depending on qualifications

How to apply
Applications must include:
· Resume/CV
· Three work references with their contact information; at least one reference should be from a supervisor
· Letter of interest
Visit this job’s posting on the university’s job board to apply. Contact Thorsten Becker at twb@ig.utexas.edu with any questions.


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