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Call for Proposals (Due Dec 1) for the 2023 SCEC Science Plan

Date: 10/21/2022

The 2023 SCEC Science Plan solicits proposals from individuals and groups to participate in the SCEC research program beginning in 2023.

The 2023 SCEC Science Plan reflects the research priorities first articulated in the SCEC5 proposal and approved by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Geological Survey. The 2023 Science Plan, with its updated priorities, is an extension of the SCEC5 research program to a 7th year (February 1, 2023-January 31, 2024). It builds on SCEC’s strengths in coordinating fundamental PI-driven research and integrating results into state-of-the-art community models, software and other products that advance our understanding of earthquake processes.

Substantial changes have been made to the SCEC Science Plan since last year. We strongly encourage interested investigators to read the document carefully and in its entirety.

SCEC involves over 1,000 scientists at more than 90 institutions in its research program and activities. SCEC’s research program is investigator-driven and open to anyone who is willing to submit a qualified project plan for peer review. SCEC funding supports research and education in seismology, tectonic geodesy, earthquake geology, computational science, and many interdisciplinary studies in earthquake science. SCEC research funding is allocated through an annual planning process that involves input from the entire SCEC community and the sponsoring agencies.

Proposals are due: December 1, 2022 (5:00pm Pacific Standard Time)

See the 2023 SCEC Science Plan: https://www.scec.org/scienceplan/current


Before the Proposal Due Date:

1. Update Investigator Profiles. Every investigator listed on the proposal must be registered in the SCEC Community Information System and his/her user profile updated with the current contact information. To update your profile, log in at https://www.scec.org/user/login and click “My Account”. New investigators can register for a SCEC profile at https://www.scec.org/user/register.  

2. Submit Overdue Project Reports. Investigators or co-investigators with an overdue project report from prior SCEC-funded awards are not eligible to submit a new SCEC proposal. Log in at https://www.scec.org/user/login and click “Proposals” to view your report status and to submit project reports.

3. Submit New Proposal. Proposals must be submitted online through the SCEC Proposal System. Please review the guidelines carefully before proposal submission (see https://www.scec.org/scienceplan/guidelines). 


Questions not answered in the SCEC Science Plan? Email proposals@scec.org.  

Questions about the online SCEC Proposal System? Email web@scec.org.