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Proposal Category Collaborative Proposal (Integration and Theory)
Proposal Title Constraining the evolving architecture of the Plate Boundary Zone through 3D Seismic Velocity and Anisotropy Mapping
Name Organization
Toshiro Tanimoto University of California, Santa Barbara Paul Davis University of California, Los Angeles
Other Participants
SCEC Priorities C, A3, A11 SCEC Groups Seismology, USR, LAD
Report Due Date N/A Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
Intellectual Merit SCEC has contributed greatly to our understanding of large-scale tectonic framework through providing a good three-dimensional crust and upper mantle models (Magistrale et al., 2000; Kohler et al., 2003). We have made progress in improving the SCEC Community Velocity Models (CVM 3.0) by using surface waves (Tanimoto and Prindle, 2002, 2006; Prindle and Tanimoto, 2006). SCEC has also revealed lithospheric anomalies through the Los Angeles Regional Seismic Experiment (LARSE), such as deep structure under the Peninsular Ranges and Moho offset from the mountainous topography that were fed into the fault block model (Fuis et al., 2001, 2003).
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