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Proposal Category Collaborative Proposal (Integration and Theory)
Proposal Title What about the Bends? Renewal of SCEC Support
Name Organization
David Oglesby University of California, Riverside Steven G. Wesnousky University of Nevada, Reno
Other Participants Julian Lozos
SCEC Priorities A9, A10 SCEC Groups FARM
Report Due Date 02/28/2010 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
In recent years, researchers have independently applied both observational and modelingapproaches to assessing the role of geometrical discontinuities along fault strike on the propagation of earthquake ruptures. Interest has been focused primarily on fault discontinuities, which may be described
as steps in the fault trace. This work has led to both dynamic fault models and observational statistics that place physical and statistical bounds on the likelihood of a rupture propagating through or across a step in fault strike. A question that invariably arises is “what about the bends?” How do bends influence the initiation, stopping, and propagation of earthquake ruptures? In the past year, we have had great success in modeling faults with double bends (linked stepovers), and have carefully delineated the range of bend
angles and stepover distances that allow rupture to propagate versus stop at the stepover. Here we propose to continue this work to focus on simple fault bends. We will combine observational and modeling efforts to quantify the description of bends and examine the influence of bends in fault trace on
propagation of strike-slip ruptures. This proposal is a collaborative one between Steve Wesnousky (UNR) and David Oglesby (UCR). Wesnousky, who is still working on the proposed research from last year, will not draw any salary this year; instead, we ask for funding to support a graduate student who has already performed significant work on the project. Wesnousky will also work on the observational side of the project for this year, and we ask only for some travel funds for him. Thus, this proposal will be submitted by UCR only.