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Proposal Category Collaborative Proposal (Data Gathering and Products)
Proposal Title Collaborative Research: Holocene slip rate of the Garlock fault over multiple time intervals: Evaluating the duration and extent of transient strain accumulation and release
Name Organization
James Dolan University of Southern California Sally McGill California State University, San Bernardino
Other Participants Plamen Ganev, Graduate Student
SCEC Priorities A2, A3, A9 SCEC Groups Geology, SHRA, WGCEP
Report Due Date 02/28/2010 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
Intellectual Merit N/A
Broader Impacts We anticipate that our proposed excavations will yield records of Holocene slip rate along the Garlock fault at multiple sites and multiple time intervals, from the past few earthquakes (<2 ka: e.g., Dawson et al., 2003) through mid- and early Holocene time. These rates will help us to assess the duration and lateral extent of periods of anomalously fast and slow strain release along the Garlock fault, which in turn may be a manifestation of transient rates of elastic strain accumulation. In addition to providing insights into the nature of coupling between brittle and ductile deformation and for longterm interactions among evolving fault networks, these expected results will have significant implications for probabilistic seismic hazard assessment, in terms of assessing whether faults commonly experience either more-active or less-active periods in which the likelihood that they will generate large-magnitude earthquakes varies widely through time. Our results, which will be presented in peer-reviewed journals and AGU talks, will also be integrated in the SCEC CFM, as well as future WGCEP projects.
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