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Proposal Category Individual Proposal (Integration and Theory)
Proposal Title Continuing Analysis of Non-Volcanic Tremor in Southern California
Name Organization
Zhigang Peng Georgia Institute of Technology
Other Participants Kevin Chao (GT student)
SCEC Priorities A5, A10, A11 SCEC Groups Seismology, FARM
Report Due Date 02/28/2011 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
Intellectual Merit Our systematic analysis of non-volcanic tremor in southern California not only provides important new information on the fault mechanics on the deep extension of the crustal faults but also may shed new light on the predictability of large earthquakes.
Broader Impacts This project provides summer support to the first-year graduate student Chastity Aiken, and the SCEC summer intern Adrian Doran. The SCEC intern was well trained to conduct scientific research in the frontier of seismology, and have indicated their interest in continuing their career path within Geophysics. Such effects are valuable in attracting talented undergraduate students into the pipeline and preparing them for future challenges in the field of seismology.
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