SCEC Award Number 11043 View PDF
Proposal Category Travel Only Proposal (SCEC Annual Meeting)
Proposal Title Cosmogenic dating of faulted sedimentary deposits in the Transverse Ranges of Southern California: Presentation of results from 2009-2010 SCEC funded-projects at SCEC 2011
Name Organization
Richard Heermance California State University, Northridge
Other Participants McKay, Hannah, McGuire, Katy, Yule, Doug
SCEC Priorities A1, A2, A3 SCEC Groups Geology, SoSAFE
Report Due Date 02/29/2012 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
This grant provided $1000 for travel and accommodation at the 2011 SCEC annual meeting held September 10-14, 2011 in Palm Springs. These funds paid for three rooms at the meeting for 4 graduate students and two project PIs. The students included: Hannah McKay (MS CSUN 2011, Figure 1), Shahid Ramzin (MS CSUN 2012 pending), Paul Mcburnett (MS CSUN 2011), and Josh Graham (MS CSUN 2013 pending). The project PIs also in attendance included Drs. Richard Heermance and Doug Yule from CSUN. We presented four posters based on our 2009-2010 SCEC-funded work (projects 11043, 10164) in the San Gorgonio Pass and from Ojai, CA, respectively.
Intellectual Merit Our results presented at the 2011 SCEC annual meeting provide ground-based evidence for recent, through-going ruptures through the San Gorgonio Pass. These data will be incorporated into future models of rupture along the San Andreas Fault.
Broader Impacts Travel funds provided in this grant allowed four students and two PIs to attend the 2011 annual meeting. This provided not only an excellent experience for the students but also fostered collaboration for the PIs with other scientists in southern California.
Exemplary Figure Figure 1: Photograph of student Hannah McKay and PI Richard Heermance next to Hannah's SCEC-funded poster. SCEC funding supported Hannah during her MS.