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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Community Stress Model (CSM) Workshop
Name Organization
Bruce Shaw Columbia University Jeanne Hardebeck United States Geological Survey Thorsten Becker University of Southern California
Other Participants
SCEC Priorities 2d, 1b, 1d SCEC Groups SDOT, CME, Geodesy
Report Due Date 10/13/2015 Date Report Submitted 10/12/2015
Project Abstract
The goals of the Community Stress Model (CSM) workshop are to report to the larger SCEC community the progress made on the CSM in SCEC4, and to discuss the future of the CSM as we transition into SCEC5. Currently, the CSM exists as a set of models of stress and stressing rate in southern California that are publicly available through the CSM website in a common format.
For this short meeting, we want to focus on two items.
Results: Stress Rate Aligns with Focal Mechanisms. This line of work has shown that strain rates derived from GPS data and stressing directions inferred from focal mechanism inversions are aligning. The agreement of two independent data sets lends support for both types of models.
The Next Step: Borehole Data. Looking ahead, a clear next step is to seek other independent data to compare stress models against, in particular borehole data. This part of the workshop will focus on the potential of that data.
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