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Proposal Category Individual Proposal (Integration and Theory)
Proposal Title Physics-based scattering attenuation: Calibrating the correlation structure of a stochastic model for near-surface sediments in the Los Angeles basin
Name Organization
Domniki Asimaki California Institute of Technology
Other Participants 1 part-time GRA
SCEC Priorities 4a, 4c, 2b SCEC Groups GM, CS, EEII
Report Due Date 06/15/2018 Date Report Submitted 06/22/2018
Project Abstract
We extended our stochastic model for the shallow crust of the Los Angeles basin sediments to replace the near-surface layers of the SCEC velocity models in lieu of GTL. Integration in UCVM that was originally planned for this year has been delayed because of rotation of software development personnel. In the meanwhile, we are coupling the statistical properties of the model with stochastic representation of of high resolution array inversions in Southern California; we plan to implement the 3D stochastic model in UCVM and validate shortly thereafter the formulation and correlation structure by comparison against strong ground motion records and scattering attenuation properties.
Intellectual Merit The intellectual merit lies in the development of a high resolution stochastic model in the shallow crust that can be used to capture high frequency reverberations, nonlinear effects and scattering attenuation properties of sedimentary valleys, while on the same time respecting the sharp impedance contrasts between the soft layers and the basement rock.
Broader Impacts The activity provided opportunities for research and mentorship of one PhD student. In the long run, this project will improve high frequency ground motion simulations, and by extension will make simulated earthquakes a more reliable tool for resilient infrastructure design.
Exemplary Figure Figure 5