SCEC Award Number 18229
Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title SCEC Earthquake Response Coordination
Name Organization
Michael Oskin University of California, Davis Tran Huynh University of Southern California Gregory Beroza Stanford University John Vidale University of Southern California
Other Participants SCEC leadership and management (Vidale, Beroza, Benthien, Huynh), SCEC disciplinary group representatives (Oskin, Steidl, Funning), USGS (Hough, Knudsen, Hudnut, Scharer, Hauksson), CGS/CalOES (Dawson, Rosinski, Long), EERI & GEER (Stewart or Baker, Goulet), NASA (Donnellan or Fielding)
SCEC Priorities 4d SCEC Groups SAFS, EEII, CEO
Report Due Date 03/15/2019 Date Report Submitted No report submitted
Project Abstract