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Ontology-Based Resource Matching in the Grid – The Grid Meets the Semantic Web

Thomas Russ, Stefan Decker, & Carl Kesselman

Published September 26, 2003, SCEC Contribution #1048

The Grid is an emerging technology for enabling resource sharing and coordinated problem solving in dynamic multi-institutional virtual organizations. In the Grid environment, shared resources and users typically span different organizations. The resource matching problem in the Grid involves assigning resources to tasks in order to satisfy task requirements and resource policies. These requirements and policies are often expressed in disjoint application and resource models, forcing a resource selector to perform semantic matching between the two. In this paper, we propose a flexible and extensible approach for solving resource matching in the Grid using semantic web technologies. We have designed and prototyped an ontology-based resource selector that exploits ontologies, background knowledge, and rules for solving resource matching in the Grid.

Russ, T., Decker, S., & Kesselman, C. (2003, 9). Ontology-Based Resource Matching in the Grid – The Grid Meets the Semantic Web. Oral Presentation at The Second International Semantic Word Conference (ISWC2003). doi: 10.1007/b14287.