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Localized and distributed deformation in a step-over of the Ridgecrest 2019 mainshock

Ruth Prado, Alba M. Rodriguez Padilla, & Michael E. Oskin

Published August 14, 2021, SCEC Contribution #11419, 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting Poster #069

High-resolution aerial images of the surface provide an opportunity to map surficial deformation from earthquakes in detail. We mapped the northern step-over region of the Ridgecrest 2019 Mw 7.1 mainshock from 5cm per pixel aerial imagery collected by the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM). Our maps highlight the main rupture trace and reveal a wide zone of distributed secondary fracturing and liquefaction features that span the entire domain of the step-over. Liquefaction features indicate loose soil that is more prone to shaking during earthquakes which results in the sediment losing its ability to support structures built on top. This map may be used to better assess the hazard associated with distributed deformation in future earthquakes in the Eastern California Shear Zone.

Key Words
Ridgecrest, near-field deformation, rupture kinemastics

Prado, R., Rodriguez Padilla, A. M., & Oskin, M. E. (2021, 08). Localized and distributed deformation in a step-over of the Ridgecrest 2019 mainshock. Poster Presentation at 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting.

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