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High-Performance Seismology CyberTraining (HPS) 2023: Data Science and HPC

Marine A. Denolle, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Yinzhi Wang, Yiyu Ni, Congcong Yuan, Pablo C. Iturrieta, José A. Bayona, Fabio Silva, Mei-Hui Su, Philip J. Maechling, Scott Callaghan, Rob Fatland, Naomi Alterman, Sebastian Wolf, Nico Schliwa, Dave A. May, Chenxiao Wang, Carl Tape, & Bryant Chow

Submitted September 10, 2023, SCEC Contribution #12843, 2023 SCEC Annual Meeting Poster #216

We present the development of an advanced-seismology training curriculum (https://seisscoped.org/HPS/) to train researchers in advanced skills in data processing, numerical methods, and parallel computing. We developed teaching materials and conducted a 4-day virtual training workshop in May 2023 for state-of-the-art big-data and modeling tools. We covered four topics: 1) Fundamental tools for open-science seismology: open-science best practices, software containerization and parallel processing, High-performance, and Cloud Computing. 2) Big-data management with ambient noise seismology for Cloud-hosted data (SCEDC and Distributed Acoustic Sensing) and data science topics such as machine-learning earthquake detection and phase picking. 3) SCEC’s software ecosystem including PyCSEP, the GMSV Toolkit, Community Models and Access Tools, and CyberShake data access. 4) High-performance computing for earthquake dynamic rupture and wavefield simulations with SeisSol and SPECFEM. Our tutorials demonstrated state-of-the-art tools from containerized software, which were deployed on the participant’s local servers, on the Frontera supercomputer at TACC, and on Amazon Web Services. We reached more than 200 registrations and between 35 to 90 synchronous participants. Our teaching materials are collected on a YouTube channel and curated in online Jupyter notebooks.

Key Words
HPC, Cloud, Cybertraining

Denolle, M. A., Gabriel, A., Wang, Y., Ni, Y., Yuan, C., Iturrieta, P. C., Bayona, J. A., Silva, F., Su, M., Maechling, P. J., Callaghan, S., Fatland, R., Alterman, N., Wolf, S., Schliwa, N., May, D. A., Wang, C., Tape, C., & Chow, B. (2023, 09). High-Performance Seismology CyberTraining (HPS) 2023: Data Science and HPC. Poster Presentation at 2023 SCEC Annual Meeting.

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