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SCEC Portable Deployment Following the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Jamison H. Steidl, Aaron Martin, Alexei G. Tumarkin, Grant T. Lindley, Craig Nicholson, Ralph J. Archuleta, Frank L. Vernon, A. Edelman, Maya Tolstoy, J. Chin, Yong-Gang Li, Michelle Robertson Haver, Ta-liang Teng, James B. Scott, D. Johnson, & Harold Magistrale

Published December 1994, SCEC Contribution #159

Steidl, J. H., Martin, A., Tumarkin, A. G., Lindley, G. T., Nicholson, C., Archuleta, R. J., Vernon, F. L., Edelman, A., Tolstoy, M., Chin, J., Li, Y., Robertson Haver, M., Teng, T., Scott, J. B., Johnson, D., & Magistrale, H. (1994). SCEC Portable Deployment Following the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Seismological Research Letters: Northridge Supplement, 65(3-4), 243.