Virtual California Earthquake Simulator

Michael K. Sachs, Eric M. Heien, Donald L. Turcotte, Mehmet B. Yikilmaz, John B. Rundle, & Louise H. Kellogg

Published 2012, SCEC Contribution #1630

Virtual California is a computer simulation which models earthquake fault systems. The design of Virtual California allows for fast execution so many thousands of events can be generated over very long simulated time periods. The result is a rich dataset from which to study the statistical properties of the rupturing fault system. We describe the details of Virtual California's operation and discuss some results from Virtual California simulations.

Sachs, M. K., Heien, E. M., Turcotte, D. L., Yikilmaz, M. B., Rundle, J. B., & Kellogg, L. H. (2012). Virtual California Earthquake Simulator. Seismological Research Letters, 83(6), 973-978. doi: 10.1785/0220120052.