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Realistic Simulations of Geodetic Network Data: The Fakenet Package

Duncan C. Agnew

Published June 2013, SCEC Contribution #1694

The SCEC Transient Detection intercomparison, required that all participants apply their methods to the same datasets, each dataset containing some tectonic signal (or none), plus realistic noise. One way to produce these would be to add adding tectonic signals to actual data from the California continuous GPS network (CCGPSN), but there are two problems with this: using the same ``background'' series for all datasets makes it easy to isolate signals by differencing, and we would not know if there was a transient already present in the data. Instead, fully synthetic datasets were used, each of which had a different realization of the noise added to a different signal known only to the creator of the dataset. The Fakenet package was written to provide software for creating these datasets,

Agnew, D. C. (2013). Realistic Simulations of Geodetic Network Data: The Fakenet Package. Seismological Research Letters, 84(3), 426-432. doi: 10.1785/0220120185.