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Accelerating an Earthquake Simulation with a C-to-CUDA Translator

Didem Unat, Jun Zhou, Yifeng Cui, Xing Cai, & Scott B. Baden

Published 2012, SCEC Contribution #1756

GPUs provide impressive computing power, but GPU programming can be challenging. Here, an experience in porting real-world earthquake code to Nvidia GPUs is described. Specifically, an annotation-based programming model, called Mint, and its accompanying source-to-source translator are used to automatically generate CUDA source code and simplify the exploration of performance tradeoffs.

Unat, D., Zhou, J., Cui, Y., Cai, X., & Baden, S. B. (2012). Accelerating an Earthquake Simulation with a C-to-CUDA Translator. Computing in Science and Engineering, 14(3), 48-58. doi: 10.1109/MCSE.2012.44.