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PATUS: Parallel Auto-Tuned Stencils For Scalable Earthquake Simulation Codes

Matthias Christen, Olaf Schenk, & Yifeng Cui

Published November 2012, SCEC Contribution #1790

PATUS is a code generation and auto-tuning framework
for stencil computations targeted at modern multi- and
many-core processors, such as multicore CPUs and graphics
processing units. Its ultimate goals are to provide a means
towards productivity and performance on current and future
multi- and many-core platforms. The framework generates the
code for a compute kernel from a specification of the stencil
operation and a Strategy: a description of the parallelization and
optimization methods to be applied. We leverage the auto-tuning
methodology to find the optimal hardware architecture-specific
and Strategy-specific parameter configuration.

Christen, M., Schenk, O., & Cui, Y. (2012, 11). PATUS: Parallel Auto-Tuned Stencils For Scalable Earthquake Simulation Codes. Oral Presentation at SC12.