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Engineering Uses of Physics-Based Ground Motion Simulations

Jack W. Baker, Nicolas Luco, Norman A. Abrahamson, Robert W. Graves, Philip J. Maechling, & Kim B. Olsen

Published 2014, SCEC Contribution #1815

This paper summarizes validation methodologies focused on enabling ground motion simulations to be used with confidence in engineering applications such as seismic hazard analysis and dynamic analysis of structural and geotechnical models. Numerical simulation of ground motion from large earthquakes, utilizing models of earthquake rupture and wave propagation, is an area of active research in the earth science community. Refinement and validation of these models requires collaboration between ground motion modelers and engineering users, and testing/rating methodologies for simulated ground motions to be used with confidence in engineering applications. This paper provides an introduction to this field and overview of current research activities being coordinated by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC). These activities are related both to advancing the science and computational infrastructure needed to produce ground motion simulations, as well as to engineering validation procedures. Current research areas and anticipated future achievements are also discussed.

Baker, J. W., Luco, N., Abrahamson, N. A., Graves, R. W., Maechling, P. J., & Olsen, K. B. (2014). Engineering Uses of Physics-Based Ground Motion Simulations . Oral Presentation at Tenth U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering.