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SKS Splitting Beneath Southern California

Hong Liu, Paul M. Davis, & Steve Gao

Published 1995, SCEC Contribution #182

Measurements of SKS phase splitting were obtained from nineteen seismic stations in southern California. The fast polarization directions are 53° at the southern end of the Great Valley, 82±8° in the western Transverse Ranges and northern Peninsular Ranges, 95±4° in Mojave Desert, and 70° on San Clemente Island. The splitting time ranges from 0.8 to 1.8 seconds, which is consistent with an anisotropic layer of 100 to 200 km thick for 4% anisotropy.

Liu, H., Davis, P. M., & Gao, S. (1995). SKS Splitting Beneath Southern California. Geophysical Research Letters, 22(7), 767-770.