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The SCEC Community Stress Model web site v.0.1

John Yu, Thorsten W. Becker, Jeanne L. Hardebeck, & . SCEC CSM Working Group

Published September 2013, SCEC Contribution #2043

SCEC has committed to the development of the Community Stress Model (CSM). The CSM is to consist of a set of models of the 4D lithospheric stress field in southern California, and to a set of procedures to validate such models with a wide range of constraints. We present and compare a range of candidate stress and stressing-rate models as submitted by SCEC researchers on occasion of the 2012 and 2013 CSM workshops in a unified framework. Moreover, we introduce the prototype SCEC CSM web site, along with initial model validation procedures (at this point limited to comparisons with constraints from the World Stress Map). We envision the SCEC CSM web site to grow into a clearing house for candidate releases and model testing and welcome community input and discussion of best practices and desired features of a future release.

Yu, J., Becker, T. W., Hardebeck, J. L., & SCEC CSM Working Group, .. (2013, 9). The SCEC Community Stress Model web site v.0.1. Poster Presentation at SCEC Annual Meeting 2013.