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Propagational Corrections for Basin Structure: Landers Earthquake

Lianxing Wen, & Donald V. Helmberger

Published June 1997, SCEC Contribution #381

Transfer functions appropriate for correcting for propagational distortion caused by basin structures (2D) given a hard-rock (1D) response are developed. The transfer functions are generated theoretically using a hybrid method where the finite-difference technique is employed only in the basin. This allows for efficient computation and the ability to separate path contributions due to body waves and surface waves. The procedure is used to explain some strong motions observed in the Los Angeles basin relative to the hard-rock site Pasadena during the 1992 Landers earthquake.

Wen, L., & Helmberger, D. V. (1997). Propagational Corrections for Basin Structure: Landers Earthquake. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 87(3), 782-787.