Living with Earthquakes in California

Robert S. Yeats

Published 2001, SCEC Contribution #480

A new book for the general public, Living with Earthquakes in California - A Survivor's Guide, by Robert S. Yeats has just been published by the Oregon State University Press, with partial support from the Outreach Program at SCEC.

Yeats describes California's violent geologic past and recounts the state's revolutionary efforts to grapple with the earthquake threat. Combining cutting-edge research with practical safety information, Living with Earthquakes:

1. examines the major faults that threaten Northern and Southern California and Nevada,
2. explores topics ranging from earthquake forecasting and catastrophe insurance to the risks of tsunamis and soil liquefaction,
3. reviews the current level of earthquake preparedness and disaster response,
4. suggests actions that citizens can take to protect their families and homes.

Clarence Allen, Professor Emeritus at Caltech, wrote about the book: "Professor Yeats' scholarly but lucidly written book deserves to be on the shelf of every Californiacitizen who is constructively concerned about our earthquake hazards and how to live with them-not only from the point of view of scientific understanding, but also from perspectives of practical engineering mitigation and political and social realities. A number of recent books have dealt with California's earthquakes and faults, but this book is unique in covering a broad range of scientific and social issues
involved. Included are perceptive chapters on earthquake insurance, basics of home protection and earthquake engineering, and even a thoughtful chapter on the realities of earthquake prediction. Yeats' book is an up-to-date and insightful addition to the earthquake literature oriented primarily toward the non-scientist reader, but it will be welcomed by all
professionals as well. "

An essential guide for anyone interested in understanding earthquake science or in preparing for the next major tremor, Living with Earthquakes is also a call to action. Earthquakes cannot be prevented, but the California experience provides a model for how society can learn to live with earthquakes - and survive them.

List price is $21.95.

This book can be ordered by calling 800-426-3797 or online at

Yeats, R. S. (2001). Living with Earthquakes in California. , : Oregon State University Press.