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New perspectives in crack and fault dynamics

James R. Rice

Published 2001, SCEC Contribution #564

Recent observations on the dynamics of crack and fault rupture are described, together with related theory and simulations in the framework of continuum elastodynamics. Topics include configurational instabilities of tensile crack fronts (crack front waves, disordering, side-branching), the connection between frictional slip laws and modes of rupture propagation in earth faulting, especially conditions for formation of self-healing slip pulses, and the rich faulting and cracking phenomena which result along dissimilar material interfaces due to coupling between slippage and normal stress alteration.

Rice, J. R. (2001). New perspectives in crack and fault dynamics. Oral Presentation at 20th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM 2000). doi: 10.1007/0-306-46956-1_1.