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Utilization of earthquake ground motions for nonlinear analysis and design of tall buildings

Gregory Deierlein, Nenad Bijelic, & Ting Lin

Published September 20, 2016, SCEC Contribution #6568, 2016 SCEC Annual Meeting Talk on 9/14 08:30 (PDF)

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One of the promising applications of simulated ground motions is in the design of tall buildings and other unique structures, where nonlinear dynamic analyses are used to evaluate their seismic performance. In contrast to current practice, which requires amplitude scaling of recorded ground motions to represent extreme earthquake hazards, earthquake simulations can enable more direct assessment without ground motion scaling or reliance on empirical ground motion prediction equations. Moreover, comprehensive simulations, such as SCEC’s Cybershake study, hold the potential to more realistically capture the influence of geologic basins and other geologic features on ground motion intensities, frequency content, and durations. This presentation will briefly review recent research on the use of nonlinear structural analysis in design, with particular focus on characterizing earthquake ground motions and their effects on structures. The important influence of response spectral shape and ground motion duration will be illustrated in a case study of a twenty-story building. Efforts to compare and contrast the response of structures to simulated and record motions will be presented as a step towards evaluating and validating earthquake simulations for use in engineering practice.

Key Words
earthquake simulation, nonlinear structural analysis, tall building, design

Deierlein, G., Bijelic, N., & Lin, T. (2016, 09). Utilization of earthquake ground motions for nonlinear analysis and design of tall buildings. Oral Presentation at 2016 SCEC Annual Meeting.

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