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Guidance on the Utilization of Earthquake-Induced Ground Motion Simulations in Engineering Practice

Brendon A. Bradley, Didier Pettinga, Jack W. Baker, & Jeff Fraser

Published August 2017, SCEC Contribution #7104

This paper summarizes developed guidance on the utilization of earthquake-induced ground motion simulations for engineering practice. Attention is given to the necessary verification, validation and utilization documentation in order for confidence in the predictive capability of simulated motions to be established. The construct of a ground motion simulation validation matrix is developed, for assessing the appropriateness of a particular suite of simulated ground motions from the perspective of region-to-site-specific application and for different specific engineering systems. Appropriate validation metrics and ‘pass’ criteria, the consideration of modeling uncertainties, and limitations associated with a relative lack of validation data are also addressed. An example is utilized in order to demonstrate the application of the guidance.

This document is intended to be bidirectional in the sense that it provides guidance for engineering consultants on the appropriateness of a suite of ground motion simulations for utilization in a site-specific context, as well as ground motion simulators to understand the context in which their results will be utilized.

Bradley, B. A., Pettinga, D., Baker, J. W., & Fraser, J. (2017). Guidance on the Utilization of Earthquake-Induced Ground Motion Simulations in Engineering Practice. Earthquake Spectra, 33(3), 809-835. doi: 10.1193/120216EQS219EP.