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Granular Temperature Measured Experimentally in a Shear Flow by Acoustic Energy

Stephanie E. Taylor, & Emily E. Brodsky

Published August 10, 2017, SCEC Contribution #7478, 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting Poster #189

Granular temperature may control high-speed granular flows, yet is difficult to measure in laboratory experiments. Here we utilize acoustic energy to measure granular temperature in dense shear flows for the first time. We show that acoustic energy captures the anticipated behavior of granular temperature as a function of grain size in quartz sand shear flows. We also find that granular temperature (through its proxy acoustic energy) is nearly linearly proportional to inertia number and dilation is proportional to acoustic energy raised to the power 0.64 +/- 0.16. This demonstrates the existence of a relationship between granular temperature and dilation. It is also consistent with previous results on dilation due to externally imposed vibration, thus showing that internally and externally induced vibrations have identical results on granular shear flows.

Taylor, S. E., & Brodsky, E. E. (2017, 08). Granular Temperature Measured Experimentally in a Shear Flow by Acoustic Energy. Poster Presentation at 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting.

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