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Workflow Management in GriPhyN

Ewa Deelman, James Blythe, Yolanda Gil, & Carl Kesselman

Published 2003, SCEC Contribution #798

This chapter describes the work done within the NSF-funded GriPhyN project in the area of workflow management. The targeted workflows are large both in terms of the number of tasks in a given workflow and in terms of the total execution time of the workflow, which can sometimes be on the order of days. The workflows represent the computation that needs to be performed to analyze large scientific datasets produced in high-energy physics, gravitational
physics, and astronomy. This chapter discusses issues associated with workflow management in the Grid in general and also provides a description of the Pegasus system, which can generate executable workflows.

Deelman, E., Blythe, J., Gil, Y., & Kesselman, C. (2003). Workflow Management in GriPhyN. In Deelman, E. (Eds.), Grid Resource Management, (, pp. ) , : Kluwer