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Data Grid Management Systems

Reagan W. Moore, & Arun Jagatheesan

Published April 2004, SCEC Contribution #905

The "Grid" is an emerging infrastructure for coordinating access across autonomous organizations to distributed, heterogeneous computation and data resources. Data grids are being built around the world as the next generation data handling systems for sharing, publishing, and preserving data residing on storage systems located in multiple administrative domains. A data grid provides logical namespaces for users, digital entities and storage resources to create persistent identifiers for controlling access, enabling discovery, and managing wide area latencies. This paper introduces data grids and describes data grid use cases. The relevance of data grids to digital libraries and persistent archives is demonstrated, and research issues in data grids and grid dataflow management systems are discussed.

Moore, R. W., & Jagatheesan, A. (2004, 4). Data Grid Management Systems. Poster Presentation at 12th NASA Goddard, 21st IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies.