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Enhanced Digital Image Correlation Analysis of Ruptures with Enforced Traction Continuity Conditions Across Interfaces

Yuval Tal, Vito Rubino, Ares J. Rosakis, & Nadia Lapusta

Published April 2019, SCEC Contribution #9067

Accurate measurements of displacements around opening or interfacial shear cracks (shear ruptures) are challenging when digital image correlation (DIC) is used to quantify strain and stress fields around such cracks. This study presents an algorithm to locally adjust the displacements computed by DIC near frictional interfaces of shear ruptures, in order for the local stress fields to satisfy the continuity of tractions across the interface. In the algorithm, the stresses near the interface are extrapolated by local polynomials that are constructed using a constrained inversion. This inversion is such that the traction continuity (TC) conditions are satisfied at the interface while simultaneously matching the displacements produced by the DIC solution at the pixels closest to the center of the subset, where the DIC fields are more accurate. We apply the algorithm to displacement fields of experimental shear ruptures obtained using a local DIC approach and show that the algorithm produces the desired continuous traction field across the interface. The experimental data are also used to examine the sensitivity of the algorithm against different geometrical parameters related to construction of the polynomials in order to avoid artifacts in the stress field.

Key Words
digital image correlation, dynamic interfacial rupture, traction continuity across interfaces

Tal, Y., Rubino, V., Rosakis, A. J., & Lapusta, N. (2019). Enhanced Digital Image Correlation Analysis of Ruptures with Enforced Traction Continuity Conditions Across Interfaces. Applied Sciences, 9(8), 1625. doi: 10.3390/app9081625.

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