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Inverse analysis of weak and strong motion downhole array data from the Mw7.0 Sanriku-Minami earthquake

Domniki Asimaki, & Jamison H. Steidl

Published 2006, SCEC Contribution #987

A hybrid optimization scheme, comprising a genetic algorithm in series with a local least-squares fit operator, is used for the inversion of weak and strong motion downhole array data obtained by the Kik-Net Strong Motion Network during the Mw7.0 Sanriku-Minami Earthquake. Inversion of low-amplitude waveforms is first employed for the estimation of low-strain dynamic soil properties at five stations. Successively, the frequency-dependent equivalent linear algorithm is used to predict the mainshock site response at these stations, by subjecting the best-fit elastic profiles to the downhole-recorded strong motion. Finally, inversion of the mainshock empirical site response is employed to extract the equivalent linear dynamic soil properties at the same locations. The inversion algorithm is shown to provide robust estimates of the linear and equivalent linear impedance profiles, while the attenuation structures are strongly affected by scattering effects in the near-surficial heterogeneous layers. The forward and inversely estimated equivalent linear shear wave velocity structures are found to be in very good agreement, illustrating that inversion of strong motion site response data may be used for the approximate assessment of nonlinear effects experienced by soil formations during strong motion events.

Asimaki, D., & Steidl, J. H. (2006). Inverse analysis of weak and strong motion downhole array data from the Mw7.0 Sanriku-Minami earthquake. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 27(1), 73-92. doi: 10.1016/j.soildyn.2005.10.010.