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Suzie Duran

Pasadena City College
2019 UseIT Intern
About Me Publications
As a current PCC Lancer, my career interests include hydrocarbon reservoir exploration derived from learning about the geophysical principles of the Earth. I acquired a passion for rocks after taking my first geology class and enjoy the hands-on approach of physics. I have been involved in fieldwork that has taken me all over the western U.S. and have experience in both field and GIS mapping.

I am originally from Los Angeles, CA (Go Dodgers!) and my interest in applying for the UseIT opportunity at SCEC lied in the research aspect of the program, which would serve to help better my understanding of earthquake risk and forecasting on the San Andreas Fault system. Through our research, I learned about the importance of earthquake preparedness from assessing hazards and risks via SCEC's UCERF3 earthquake forecasting model and FEMA's HAZUS application, including the vital role programming languages play in seismology. This has led me to expand my knowledge of both Python and MATLAB. During my spare time, I enjoy getting outdoors, playing guitar, photography, spending time with loved ones and adore my two feline boys, Darth & Newton.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Intern (2019)